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Thursday, June 29, 2017

More Pork Shoulder Tips from Woodrow

Just after we posted Woodrow's BBQ rub and sauce, he passed us some more cooking advice. Some is shoulder specific and some is about life in general. I considered adding it to the first post, but it has enough gold to stand on its own.

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Put this on your grill and smoke it:

Here are a few tips that have helped me or still do to this day.

- Don't EVER get discouraged. It may seem like all is lost; but never give up. The last thing you want to do (especially as a beginning Pit-master) is compare your cooks to that of the folks you see on TV or in competitions you go to. More than likely they have many years of experience under their belts... But don't fret! With perseverance you can get there!

- THE STALL IS REAL! Don't let that dumb hunk of meat let you believe that it's done when it stays at 160 degrees for an hour or so and doesn't move. Kinda like how an athlete sweats to cool him or herself off; the meat does the same thing. As it cooks, it sweats and as it sweats, it cools (not so much as dropping temp, but as not climbing any higher. Just keep your pit at a steady temp and wait till it hits that magic 203 degrees.

- Branching off on the last tip. BE PATIENT! Good 'Que can't be rushed... They call it 'Low and Slow' for a reason.

- If you're going to inject your Pork Shoulder; be careful on what you use. If you go to say a major chain store and buy your meat there - more than likely it's going to me injected with a salt solution already. If that's the case inject it with 4 parts apple juice, 2 parts apple cider vinegar, and one part whiskey (You need to try it. Whiskey adds such an outstanding flavor... especially when you smoke with maple or oak).

If you got your shoulder from a reputable butcher; add a cup or so of kosher salt to the injection.

- Always be willing to learn. If you find that a good cook is going to give you advice, take it. Even if you already know the stuff.

-Have your family take part. Barbecuing is more than just cooking stuff to eat... It's a time of bonding, friendship, and just plain fun.

- Lastly, never 'Que without a good beer!

I've never thought about THE STALL before, but now I feel I'll see it everywhere. I've also never thought about my pork shoulder as an athlete, but the image fits. As for injecting, I've not tried that trick but I will.

(No, Sweetie. The whiskey is for the pork.)

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