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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Our Amazon Store is Live

Greetings, Legion of Dragon Knuckle.

Big news. Amazon has allowed us to create a store page for our Dragon Knuckle brand. We put together our best pictures and videos. It went live today.

Check it out.

We know the best way to convince people that our gloves are the best is to just reach into the fire. Yet Amazon does not allow most retailers to use anything other than images and text on their product pages. We're so glad to be able to grab handfuls of coals and show our audience.

So remember: the word is like butter so spread the word. Our fans are the best. We see so many happy Dragon Knuckle owners on Instagram cooking and hooking up their families and friends. Follow us as DragonKnuckle_Jana and DragonKnuckle_David.

Keep it up and thank you.