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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 Knows How to Make Fire

Yeah, you know where to find the best Heat-Resistant Gloves around, but what good are they if you have no heat?

We pampered 21st Century kids certainly take fire for granted. Push the striker on the grill. Turn the knob on the stove. With the right app, I'm sure you can get flames to shoot from a smart phone.

But out in the woods, especially if the weather is non-Bahamas, staying warm and cooking food is no longer automatic.

It takes the right gear.

That's what the people at Gear We Are specialize in: helping you buy the right stuff for all your outdoor adventures.

From tents to kayaks to dog toys, they have you covered.

But the categories that put the twinkle in my eye all relate to fire.

No, nothing is wrong with me.
Image via Gear We Are
I have a couple of camp stoves but none are as cool as what they've reviewed. I'm personally charmed by the simplicity of the portable Grilliput. Up in the woods and cooking over gas? No thanks. We're grilling over coals.

No spark, no dice however. I used to hike in fear my matches would get wet and it would be game over. Fear no more if you have the Polystriker XL by Exotac. Then you can harness the inferno-causing power of 5500FÂș molten globulars.

Image via Gear We Are

I'm not sure what molten globulars are exactly, but I'm sure I don't have enough of them.

The Gear We Are people are dedicated outdoors-folk serious about separating the good stuff from the junk.

You can learn it from them or you can learn it ten miles up a trail.

The choice is yours.

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