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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sneak Peak Images from our Manufacturer

Your patience will soon be rewarded.

For several weeks now we've been teasing you with the Dragon Knuckle logo, our mythology and discussion of aramid fibers. The payoff is coming soon.

Direct from the manufacturer, here is your first glimpse of the Dragon Knuckle heat-resistant, cut resistant gloves:

They are woven from meta-aramid and para-aramid fibers with silicone texture and cotton liners.

Let us educate you about our materials:
  • Meta-Aramid fibers are highly resistant to heat. They are commonly used in fire fighters' clothing and fireproof racing suits. Our material is rated to withstand 932 degrees Fahrenheit. Nomex, a trademark of DuPont, is a common meta-aramid fiber.
  • Para-Aramid fibers are very resistant to cuts and abrasion. They are commonly used in bullet-proof vests and protective motorcycle clothing. Kevlar, another trademark of DuPont, is a common para-aramid fiber.
  • Silicone is a very durable and heat-resistant form of rubber. It is commonly used in heat-proof cookware and as a sealant. It also provides excellent grip.
  • Cotton we use inside our gloves to provide a cool, soft interior so you can gladly wear our gloves for hours.
Many people sell heat resistant gloves, but none are like ours.

Why do our gloves have a black and white pattern?

Because para-aramid fibers not only resist cuts and abrasion, they resist dyes. They are light gray by nature and can't be colored otherwise. If someone claims to have cut-resistant fibers in a solid color glove, they are mistaken.

Accept no substitutes.

Please note that Kevlar and Nomex are trademarks of the DuPont corporation. Other companies make fibers that are just as good. We chose to not spend top dollar on name-brand thread so we could pass the savings on to you.

If someone claims to have "100% heat-resistant Kevlar gloves" be skeptical. Kevlar is the non-dyeable cut-resistant element.  And if they do not bear the DuPont seal, it is not real Kevlar. The product is fraudulent.

Why did we not choose an all-silicone product?

Pure silicone gloves offer good protection from heat and excellent grip. Yet the gloves breathe as poorly as you'd expect. They are like galoshes for your hands, robbing the wearer of dexterity. Plus they make your hands sweat, causing quite a lot of suction. They are tough to remove.

Our cotton liners are soft as your favorite blanket.

While silicone gloves are waterproof and prevent hot liquids from reaching your hands, they also prevent hot liquids from escaping if they get inside. They can trap boiling water and scalding oil against your skin.


So when you are shopping for gloves to wear when baking, barbecuing, grilling or cooking over a campfire, please look closely. Not every manufacturer takes care to fully understand the materials.

After extensive research, analysis and design, this is a beautiful sight for us to finally see:

You'll be able to have yours soon. Call your crew. Get the grill ready. Marinate something.

Want to be one of the first to experience our Dragon Knuckle gloves? Please leave us your email address at the right side of the page.

We'll hook you up.

It's almost Dragon Knuckle time.

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