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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Knuckling Up at the Pomona SoCal BBQ Bash

The Rub Life BBQ Team is going to battle in Pomona this weekend with Dragon Knuckle Gloves on their fists.

Yeah, that sounds a bit dramatic. It's not about the gloves. It's about heart, stomach, palate and skill. But there will be gloves and our logo on their banner, for which we are flattered and grateful.

This Saturday at the Pomona Fairplex from 11am to 6pm, it's going down. Lots of barbecue with games for the little kids, beer for the big kids and music for everyone.

Competing together in the Amateur category will be Fern's Semi-Famous BBQ, Krillyz Backyard BBQ and Sycamore Street BBQ. Smoking Ray's Backyard BBQ will be competing on his own. 7 Sins BBQ will be competing in the Professional category.

The Amateurs will be cooking chicken and ribs. The Professionals will be doing chicken, ribs, pork butt and brisket.

Here we are over a thousand miles north missing out on the whole thing. While not fit to compete, we are certainly prepared to eat and have fun. Too bad. We need a road trip.

Get your tickets here if you'll be in Southern California this weekend.

Friday, May 12, 2017

What Kind of Fool Grills a Banana?

Grillin' Fools grill bananas. That's who.

Scott Thomas, who is leader of the Grillin' Fools team along with his father Greg and Tom Jones, notes that no one ever grills breakfast or dessert.

I'll start, man. I promise, especially after seeing this Grilled Banana Split recipe.

Image via
Who are the Grillin' Fools?
Scott, Greg and Tom are active and passionate outdoor cookers based around St. Louis. They are dedicated to sharing their mistakes and triumphs in order to teach others. They don't cater, will never own a restaurant and they don't cook competitively.

They do host an annual Charity BBQ Competition, however, and can be talked into doing Grilling Classes.

Scott loves cooking together with his dad, but admits "we never cooked anything together until I started the website. I never cooked with him as a kid. He manned the grill and I watched. The running joke is I was sent to college with a suitcase and a grill. While we didn't cook much when I was young, we cook all the time together now and it's really special to have my dad around and doing this as a business together. Most people get those, 'pinch me, am I dreaming,' moments a few times in their lives. I get them dozens of times a year being able to cook with dad so often as well as the other BBQ related events we are able to do together."

Catch Scott cooking Bacon Pineapple Ribs with his Dragon Knuckle Gloves:

The way Grillin' Fools does recipes is unique and very detailed. In a narrative tone, they describe each step including products used and mistakes along the way. Then they finish with a printable recipe card you can easily save and store.

The Banana Split recipe caught my attention because it reminded me or a Brûléed Banana dessert I once served at a restaurant. That dish used a torch to caramelize sugar on bananas. Then came vanilla ice cream, berries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Scott's take on this dish adds smoky flavor from the grill and that little kick of spice. Sweet and hot always go well together.

Image via
Lots of fruit goes nice on the grill. Peaches, apples, strawberries or anything firm enough to stay together. Just make sure the grill's not too hot and don't take your eye off it. Things can go wrong in a hurry.

Next time you step to the grill, try this one: Cut a pineapple into 1" rings. Cut off the peel and the core. Sprinkle it with sugar and put it on the grill until both sides are charred a bit. Then stick that on a plate and put a scoop of vanilla right in the hole in the middle. Berries, syrup and whipped cream couldn't hurt here.
Get out there and get foolish. Grill new stuff and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Find Grillin' Fools on Instagram and learn something.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Is Your Mama a Dragon Knuckle Woman?

Image via Flickr by Marcelo Cantarela

What have your mother's hands done for you?

  • Cradled you as a baby.
  • Wiped the tears from your face.
  • Tickled you until you giggled pink.
  • Put bandages on your boo-boos.
  • Made you many, many meals.
  • Held your hand to keep you safe.
  • Waved good-bye when you flew from her nest.

What are you getting her for Mother's Day? Cut flowers that will die in a few days? More perfume or lotions? Chocolates made by somebody else? A card stamped out in a factory?

Image via Flickr by edwardhblake

Why not do something good for the hands that have done so much for you?

Protect her with Dragon Knuckle Heat Resistant Cut Resistant BBQ Gloves.

You may look at the bold red flames and think it's strictly a masculine product. You might think the grill and the smoker is a man's world. You'd be wrong.

Image via
Women dig the smoke, the sizzle and the slow & low. Everyone male, female, alien or whatever loves barbecue once it gets in their veins.

Get your mama a Mother's Day Gift Set of Dragon Knuckle BBQ Gloves and Meat Shredder Claws.

Let her lovingly coddle a pork shoulder for sixteen hours. Then watch her eyes light up when she sinks her new claws into it, yielding pounds of succulent, smoky goodness.

She might even let you have a bite.

Don't just give her a thing. Give her a new passion. Open the door to the barbecue world. She'll never be the same.

Get Dragon Knuckle BBQ Gloves and Claws together for only $29.99. Slow smoked pork shoulder not included.

Use code GETCLAWS or DKGLOVES. But don't delay. You only have a couple days.

And please don't make her cook on Sunday.